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The 20-year reunion!

Class of 1989 Photo DVD

Get your copy of the Class of 1989 Photo DVD shown at the class reunion!

The Photo DVD will be a high quality multi-color digital print in a plastic clam shell style case. The price is $10 for the first DVD and $5 for each additional shipped to the same address. The price includes USPS Priority shipping.

To pay via Paypal, select your quantity below and submit your payment. You can also send in a check. Please allow at least three weeks for delivery.


Thanks to everyone who attended the 20-year class reunion on August 8, 2009 at The Oaks Golf course. We had over 100 people in attendance.

We're always looking for more people to help with future reunions. If you'd like to help out planning the 25th, send an e-mail to Kerri McCormick via the class list below.


Connect with other Class of 89 grads on our Facebook. page. As of the end of January, 2009, over 80 classmates have added their profiles.

Contact Directory

Below is the Class of 1989 e-mail directory. Classmates can submit their e-mail address and once I approve the submission they will be listed here. Clicking on a person's name below takes you to a form that send a message to the person without revealing their true e-mail address. The recipient can then decide if they want to respond. Don't forget to include the last name you went by in high school if it changed.

Classmates can now receive automatic e-mails when a new classmate is added to the site. To receive these e-mails, you must first be listed in the contact directory yourself, have a login and edit your profile to receive the e-mails. Create a login now.

Privacy Concerns?

Want to stay in the loop about reunion news, but not appear in the classmate directory? Register on the site as usual. After you respond to the confirmation e-mail and your e-mail address is added to the directory, a new link on the top menu will appear that says Create Login. Complete that process, login with your new login and password, and then click Profile to select the option to not list your e-mail on the site to guests.

Keep in mind that by having your name displayed on the site, people can contact you, but they will never know your e-mail unless you choose to reply.

What else do you want to see here?

Got any ideas for what else you'd like to see here for either content or functionality? Use the e-mail tool below to send a message to Kris and I will see what I can do.

The Class of 89 Directory

Check the box(es) next to the classmate's name to send them an e-mail. Multiple names can be selected.

Angus, Michael

Askew, Brandon

Baker, Chad

Bentheimer, Roger

Berg, Margi (Now: Hodges)

Betts, Troy

Blackdeer, Denise (Now: Wagner)

Blicharz, Michele

Bongard, Tammy

Buscemi, Rob

Byrne, Shawn

Cahoon, Kimberly (Now: Whisler)

Carr, Neil

Christenson, Amy (Now: Rottier)

Coates, Ann (Now: Benish)

Conley, Eunice

Conway, Dianne (Now: Hesselbein)

Craig, Aime (Now: Meyers)

Crocker, Robert

Crowley, Brad

Dahlhauser, Scott

Daugherty, Tina (Now: Rossmiller)

Degenhardt, Bill

Deranick, Marcy (Now: Kemp)

Duwe, Andrea (Now: Lerum)

Ebsen, Melanie (Now: Stapelmann)

Edmundson, Scott

Ellinger, Lisa

Eriksson, Jodi (Now: Wollack)

Everson, Jennifer

Fosdick, Amy

Gempeler, Shelley (Now: Hinzmann)

Gillette, Cathy (Now: Nelson)

Glendenning, Janice (Now: Douglas)

Gothard, Joe

Grann, Kimberly

Guimond, Jake

Havey, Angela (Now: Kruse)

Herr, Jenny (Now: Turk)

Hill, Tedric

Hilston, Amy (Now: Miller)

Hunter, John

Johnson, Chad

Knesting, Karla (Now: Baierl)

Knutson, Tammy

Lagosh, Laura (Now: Rollin)

Lanzendorf, Krista (Now: Auman)

Larson, Julie

Lincoln, Mary (Now: Lo)

Lorenz, Steve

Lytle, Jeffrey

Mangan, Paula (Now: West)

Martinson, Julie (Now: Luzenski)

Martinson, Michelle (Now: Glover)

Matson, Melody (Now: Grimm)

Mayer, Matt

Mccall, Michele

Mccormick, Kerri (Now: Jimieson)

Millette, Kat (Now: Millette-Marty)

Nagy, Lynn (Now: Baldwin)

Neubauer, Jessica

Newman, Bill

Nieft, Carolyn

Northrop, Steve

Ponty, Jon

Pucillo, Tracy

Puddester, Amy (Now: Schwarz)

Rathbun, Leah

Roberts, Bobbi (Now: Hoppe)

Robinson, Jennie (Now: Andreasen)

Robinson, Jason

Rosemeyer, Tricia (Now: Markevitch)

Rottier, Eric

Ruhland, Amy

Sande, Bryon

Schellin, Denise

Schumacher, Dan

Shawkey, Kris (Now: Dockter)

Siewert, Jesse

Slack, Eric

Sperstad, Sonja (Now: Newell)

Stenner, Lisa (Now: Hammons)

Streber, Danielle (Now: Varnell)

Sundberg, Elissa (Lissa_

Sutherland, Jen

Taylor, Nicole (Now: Cobb)

Theel, Rickey

Trucks, Jesse

Turnure, Pamela (Now: Wood)

Vanderbloemen, Brian

Voneschen, Sheri

Waldorf, Vicki (Now: Limmex)

Walker, Kerri (Now: Kane)

Wilhelmi, James

Williams, Melissa

Wilson, Kelly (Now: Gill)